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English: Cast iron scrap Français : Ferrailes ...

English: Cast iron scrap Français : Ferrailes Italiano: Rottame Español: Chatarra Deutsch: Grauguß-Schrott (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heavy Melting Scrap ( HMS 1-2)

We are committed to provide the best service and pricing while adapting quickly to our clients ever changing requirements. Our blends of experience, efficiency and integrity have enabled us to build a strong customer and Market relationship. We offer customized solutions to your sourcing, logistic and procuring problems with a strong emphasis on environmental concerns.

Any company worth its weight knows that service keeps customers. We are no exception to this concept. Our belief in service is reflected in our investment in people, trucks, and equipment. Our highly trained staff of Administrators combined with a crew of experienced staff means we get things done right the first time. As with all commodities, pricing can fluctuate on a World Wide level based on market conditions at any given time. Prices can be based off the London Metal Exchange, Comex and Actual Market in India etc.


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